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Safer travel with better weather en route. Could you avoid slippery roads, fog, rain, snow, chill or heat by choosing your time to travel? With Trip4cast you can easily choose different times to travel to ensure a safer trip.


With Trip4cast you can quickly check expected weather en route. And if you can choose to go at a time with a better forecast you can also save travel time by avoiding bad weather or slippery roads.


It’s easy to plan your trip and find the best weather forecast with Trip4cast. With better weather it’s more fun to drive and everyone can relax and enjoy the ride.

About Trip4cast

Get a quick and easy check on the weather forecast along your route with Trip4cast. Instead of separate forecast checks at different places you’ll get the expected weather at the start and endpoint of your trip and at some points in between with just a few clicks. The forecast adjusts with your starting time and identifies when you expect to reach the different forecast points. By testing different start times you can easily see if you can get a better weather forecasts en route. You will also get the approximate travel time under normal weather and traffic conditions.

Note: Weather forecasts are calculations of the expected weather which means that actual weather may deviate from the forecast. The uncertainty of the forecast increases with time. Trip4cast assumes no liability for how the forecast is used.

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